Driver training used to be seen as a cost, often forced upon employers when fleet accident rates got too high, however times have changed. More and more organisations are choosing to implement ongoing driver training programmes because they can quickly see the many benefits that arise from this type of initiative.

Reduced fuel spend as a result of more economical driving behaviours

Insurance premium savings 

Savings in servicing costs due to less wear and tear 

Reduced fleet management costs 

Compliance with health & safety requirements 

Minimised risk of corporate manslaughter lawsuits 

Decision Driving UK are a leading provider of driver training and fleet risk management consultancy services across the UK. We have over 35 years of Driver Training Industry experience and a talented team of regional instructors offering nationwide coverage. 

Our biggest client has over 1300 vehicles in their fleet and has significantly reduced the frequency of driver related accidents since implementing our Decision Driving programme. 

We offer a range of driver training courses designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation and its drivers.

Your legal duty of care

Road related fatalities are the number one cause of death at work in the UK. The 2008 Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide act makes it much easier for organisations to be prosecuted. Managers and HR departments like you have a legal duty of care to ensure that you have ongoing policies and processes in place to assess and manage risks associated with driving at work.

Decision Driving UK offer a range of tried and tested fleet driver training solutions that will ensure that your staff drive safely and that, in the event of an accident, you can demonstrate that you have provided appropriate assessment and training, giving you peace of mind. Don’t wait ‘till it’s too late.

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InformationHealth and safety regulations

As an employer you are required in law to think about the health and safety capabilities of your people when you give them jobs to do. You are also obliged to ensure that they are properly trained before being exposed to workplace risks. The UK Health and Safety Executive recommends that you apply the same high standards to workplace drivers whether you have one driver or 1000.

Our Decision Driving course greatly improves driver awareness leading directly to improved safety and fewer accidents. Our training programmes generate real benefits for everyone involved in the operation and administration of motor vehicle fleets.

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Continuing success for Decision Driving UK!

Our largest customer continues to benefit from Decision Driving Courses. 

Our Decision Driving Course was completely re-written for 2011 resulting in Colas Ltd experiencing their greatest ever fall in incident rates since 2002. 

The 2011 figures were: 

An incident rate of 10% in a mixed fleet of 1355 vehicles. 

In 2012 we have again beaten the previous record! 

The figures for 2012 are: 

An incident rate of 8.1% in a mixed fleet of 1490 vehicles. 

Despite an increase in fleet size of 10%, a reduction of incident rates by nearly 2% was also achieved! 

These are the best figures for the past ten years and reflect how regular training can continually improve a company’s Management of Occupational Road Risk. 

Driver Training is not an additional expense, it is a way of reducing risk and reducing running costs while improving profits!

Tyre Pressure Converter

A 10% fuel saving is typical following training and can reach 20%! 

 A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!!!

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