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Spent the day with Roy in a Ferrari 550 Marenello. I needed to ensure that I could not only drive the car to its full potential but safely as well. By the end of the day I was driving in a way that I hadn't thought I would ever be able to do. 

When the car comes out now on sunny and dry days it is an event which I really look forward to. I am now a much better driver and would recommend Roy to anyone who wants to get the best from themselves and their car. 

Chris Stubbings MD 

"Decision Driving UK has been Colas' provider of choice for in-vehicle driver training for many years.

This has proved a very successful collaboration with Colas deriving the benefits of Decision Driving as part of its own award winning in-house driver safety campaign to great effect.  

Providing in-vehicle training to company drivers has contributed to significant improvement in Colas' motor incident frequency, which has almost halved over the past decade. 

Colas is delighted to commend Decision Driving UK to support any driver safety campaign."

Graham Stanton, Associate Director and Company Secretary, Colas Ltd

Just a short word of thanks for the Decision Driving Course your organisation conducted recently at our office. Feedback has been positive for both the contents and your trainer’s presentation skills, which is praise indeed considering the professional background of our drivers. 

Thanks again and we all look forward to the refresher training in the future. 

Leslie Jefferies, Executive & Airport Travel

The course has provided valuable information I had not previously considered… 

Lee, Operator, Portsmouth

Very informative and useful – it really works! 

P Musselwhite, Portsmouth  

Very informative, easy to take in, very useful, will use methods in the future.
Alan Jones, operator  

This course will prove very helpful when driving in the future.  

John Kneller  

Very good course – very enjoyable  

Gerry Furnell  

A very good eye opener! 
Paul Allen  

Made me think! 
Peter Richardson  

Although driving for some 40 years I still believe a course of this type is invaluable 

John Rogers

Good driver training session brought out some interesting facts regarding the consequences of a small speed increase to the speed of the vehicle if it crashes. 

Louis Ledoux, Business Manager Colas, Portsmouth

Tyre Pressure Converter

A 10% fuel saving is typical following training and can reach 20%! 

 A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!!!

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