Subsidised Eco-Drive Training


Decision Driving UK has teamed up with the Energy Savings Trust to deliver their short duration Eco-Drive training. Up to 8 drivers per day can be trained with an expectation of achieving an 8-15% fuel saving if the advice is followed. Plus the vehicles will also save on wear and tear on tyres, brakes, transmission etc. while reducing driver’s risk and stress levels.

Case studies

  • Customer (A): Using a Peugeot 308 1.6 Hdi the average saving on the day was 15.94% 
  • Customer (B): Using a Vauxhall Insignia 1.8 petrol the average saving on the day was 13.03 %

10% Fuel Saving

E.G. If there were two garages next to each other selling the same brand and quality of fuel, one at £1.40 per litre and the other at £1.26 per litre which one would you choose?
This is a 10% saving on fuel.


The course is part funded by the Energy Savings Trust which itself is funded by the Dft.
In effect the government is paying you to save on your road fuel bills!


The Energy Savings Trust will fund up to 50% of the training costs through a subsidy scheme available via Decision Driving UK and the customer can expect a Return on Investment in 2-3 months.

All trainers are Fleet Registered ADI’s and on the register of Eco-driving trainers at the Energy Savings Trust.

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Tyre Pressure Converter

A 10% fuel saving is typical following training and can reach 20%! 

 A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!!!

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