Decision Driving - A fresh approach to fleet driver training

We offer fleet driver training courses, which are based both in the classroom as well as practical on the road training that save lives and reduces costs. 

Each course is flexible and can be tailored to your fleet, whether you have five drivers or 1500 drivers, everyone can benefit from a training course. At the end of each training course our professional trainers will produce an assessment, giving detailed feedback about the session and specific to each individual. 

“Each individual will also receive a Certificate of Attendance plus a printed breakdown of their performance on the day to serve as a reminder of the skills covered on the road.” 

Employers also receive a breakdown of each individual’s performance as a “training record” to be kept on the drivers personnel file for future reference, plus a summary of each training course delivered. We are also more than happy to provide ongoing training to ensure the skills learnt are kept fresh.

96% of all Road Traffic ‘accidents’ are caused by human error.

Decision Driving™ takes traditional fleet driver training a stage further by focusing on the driver’s perceptions of speed and space, and challenges them using facts, figures and above all, common sense. 

A trained driver can significantly reduce your business costs, on average drivers who have undertaken any of our courses save 10% on fuel costs! 

Most drivers find Decision Driving™ to be more acceptable than traditional advanced driving techniques as it gives them control over the whole driving environment without changing their normal driving style.

Fleet Driver Training Interactive Workshops

Two Hour Decision Driving Workshop

On the road Training:

All on road courses include our proven, unique Space Management techniques developed over the past ten years.

Decision Driving Training

Decision Driving Training course changes the driver mindset for good. It is our flagship training course and is suitable for any fleet driver or any business which has employees driving at work.

Advanced Driving

The Advanced Driving Course is aimed at executives. Even if you think you are driving to your full potential, we assure you that we can teach you ways that will save you time and money. As part of the course we can also take drivers through the ROSPA Advanced Driving Test, which helps to reduce insurance premiums. This course is based on a per day basis, we will work with your drivers for as long as you need us to. We will also conclude the course with an assessment to show the drivers progression.

High Performance course

Designed for the enthusiast or owner / custodian of any high performance car, including Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Ford Cosworth etc. 

If you are new to high performance driving then this course will keep you safe whilst enjoying your driving and your car. 

If you are lucky enough to have experience of these iconic cars then why not make a relatively small financial investment to enjoy all the benefits of your acquisition.

Defensive Driver Training

Our defensive driver training course is a systematic approach to minimising driving risks. It is a smaller version of the Advanced Driving course, again designed to enhance your driver’s skills.

Eco Driver Training

The sole aim of our Eco-Driver Training is to teach the driver a better way of driving to reduce fuel consumption and servicing costs from wear and tear. At the same time your driver will also have a safer driving technique, reducing the risk of an accident.

Refresher Courses

Decision Driving UK is happy to work with your fleet of drivers as a continuing process, we are flexible to suit your needs. Many of the customers we have worked with have sent their drivers on our Advanced Driving course and then followed it up with a refresher course to ensure that the skills learnt are continued.

Post incident training

This course is for anyone who has made an insurance claim or accrued penalty points on their licence. The training will, if possible return them to the scene of the crime as it were to analyse exactly what went wrong and what Decisions were made.

Tyre Pressure Converter

A 10% fuel saving is typical following training and can reach 20%! 

 A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!!!

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