“Where the assessment of risk is combined with the management of space” 

What we can do for your company:  

  1. Improve staff moral – people appreciate any investment in them through training. 
  2. Improve company image – Safe, considerate drivers are seen as professionals, as is your company! 
  3. Reduce incidents / Claims experience – as claims come down, insurance premiums follow. 
  4. Improve fuel economy – and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle, leading to less down-time in the workshop! 
  5. Reduce stress – on the driver and the vehicle. 
  6. Be seen as a good employer – attract high quality applicants for vacant posts, people will want to work with you!

In A Hurry?
Do The Maths!
 Maintaining an average of 70 MPH over one mile takes 51 Seconds.
 Maintaining an average of 80 MPH over one mile takes 45 Seconds.
 A difference of 6 Seconds per mile.

 To save one minute (60 seconds) you need to maintain 80 MPH for 10 Miles @ 6 seconds per mile. This assumes that there is no interruption from other (slower) road users / vehicles / speed  cameras / congestion / etc. and a   raised level of risk, increased   emissions /  increased fuel usage and increased stress on the driver and vehicle. 

 To save five minutes off your journey time you need to maintain 80 MPH for 50 miles!!! 
 Do you really think this is achievable?
 Speed and Progress are totally different!


Effective fleet driver training courses

With fuel costs rising by more than 60% in the last 5 years and insurance costs not far behind, what can you do to keep the soaring cost of running company vehicles under control? Surprisingly, one of the most effective cost reduction tools is effective fleet driver training.

What if we at Decision Driving UK could teach your fleet drivers a system of driving, which was so different from anything else they have ever seen? We will share our experience and knowledge through our effective, proven, fleet driver training courses so that your drivers will notice a difference to their driving safety and stress levels in as little as 3 or 4 hours.

Our fleet driver training courses are ideal for employees who use cars, vans, small trucks or any vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes, at work. The courses are available in any part of the UK…they are enjoyable and will give your employees a thorough understanding of the principles of decision driving.

If you are a fleet manager who needs to reduce your spend, talk to us now to find out how we can help you reduce your fleet cost headaches – 02392 637858

Trained fleet drivers can...

  • Improve fuel economy by 10% 
  • Lower servicing bills 
  • Reduce risk without extending journey times, which cuts repair bills, insurance premiums, replacement vehicle costs and lost time

Tyre Pressure Converter

A 10% fuel saving is typical following training and can reach 20%! 

 A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!!!

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